Essential Reiki

Essential Reiki Author Diane Stein
ISBN-10 9780307783639
Year 2011-02-02
Pages 168
Language en
Publisher Crossing Press

Reiki is an ancient and profoundly simple system of “laying on of hands” healing derived from Tibetan Buddhism. In the West, Reiki has been kept highly secret for many years. ESSENTIAL REIKI presents full information on all three degrees of this healing system, most of it in print for the first time. Teaching from the perspective that Reiki healing belongs to all people, Diane Stein breaks new ground in her classic guide to this ancient practice. While no book can replace the directly received Reiki “attunements,” ESSENTIAL REIKI provides everything else that the healer, practitioner, and teacher of this system needs. From the Hardcover edition.

Essential Reiki Teaching Manual

Essential Reiki Teaching Manual Author Diane Stein
ISBN-10 9780307783806
Year 2011-02-23
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Crossing Press

Reiki master and best-selling author Diane Stein has been a dedicated hands-on healer since 1988. Stein believes strongly that this powerful healing art, once a closely guarded secret tradition, should be accessible and available to all. Since she began teaching in 1990, Stein has initiated thousands of students in all three levels of Reiki healing. Through these efforts she developed a comprehensive teaching method that encompasses the fundamentals of this ancient system. The ESSENTIAL REIKI TEACHING MANUAL equips the Reiki initiate with the practical tools needed for launching a Reiki healing practice, leading a Reiki workshop, and becoming a more effective Reiki practitioner. This hands-on instructional guide together with the digitally re-mastered DIANE STEIN'S ESSENTIAL REIKI WORKSHOP DVD is the next best thing to a personal teaching session with Diane Stein herself. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Essential Psychic Healing

Essential Psychic Healing Author Diane Stein
ISBN-10 9780307783790
Year 2011-04-06
Pages 200
Language en
Publisher Crossing Press

Author and healer Diane Stein brings to the layperson psychic healing techniques once assumed to be too esoteric to use without highly specialized knowledge, years of training, and a paranormal gift. ESSENTIAL PSYCHIC HEALING helps us tap into the potent healing power of our own psychic energies. For the beginner, Diane offers theory and instruction in basic meditation, visualization, kundalini energy, chakras, and auras. Those at the intermediate level will learn to utilize spirit guides and angels, and how to use healing crystals, hands-on healing methods, emotional release work, and remote healing. An advanced program discusses healing karma and past lives, soul retrieval, releasing entities, spirit attachments, and understanding and aiding the death process. Whether you are new to or well acquainted with these principles, ESSENTIAL PSYCHIC HEALING is an indispensable primer. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Reiki Healer

Reiki Healer Author Lawrence Ellyard
ISBN-10 9780940985643
Year 2004-01
Pages 193
Language en
Publisher Lotus Press

This complete manual, in conjunction with traditional training, is an excellent guide to understanding Reiki and its spiritual practices.

The Power of Reiki

The Power of Reiki Author Tanmaya Honervogt
ISBN-10 9781856753494
Year 2014-04-07
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Hachette UK

Whether you are looking to ease the effects of chronic illness or would like to have more energy on a daily basis, the age-old wisdom of Reiki offers the help you seek. Reiki is a form of touch healing with its roots in Buddhist Sanskrit scriptures. The Power of Reiki is filled with easy-to-follow instructions, accompanied by helpful photographs.

Reiki And The Seven Chakras

Reiki And The Seven Chakras Author Richard Ellis
ISBN-10 9781409020172
Year 2009-05-04
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Random House

Reiki is a unique system of healing that allows you to harness and transmit energy through your hands, restoring balance and harmony within the body and bringing relief to a wide range of physical and emotional problems. This book, by renowned Reiki teacher Richard Ellis, illustrates all the hand positions used for the first level of Reiki, but it goes much further and shows them in their relation to the seven chakras. Chakras are the main energy points of the body and provide the anatomy of energy healing. These are different for everyone, and so to practise Reiki effectively you need to understand a person's chakras, which will in turn explain the type of person they are and the health problems they are vulnerable to. For example, one person may have an excessive first chakra, making them prone to obesity or digestive problems, and to pessimism, while another may be deficient, making them vulnerable to anorexia and restlessness. You would therefore approach these two people differently. Reiki and the Seven Chakras captures the feeling of wonder that surrounds Reiki, but it is also an immensely practical guide. So many of the current books on Reiki are very dry, following a formula of detailing the history of Reiki healing and then showing you how to do it. This one breaks the mould and is written from a very personal point of view, which makes it incredibly interesting to read and also very accessible – essential if you are to understand the true nature and potential of Reiki.

Self Healing Reiki

Self Healing Reiki Author Barbara Emerson
ISBN-10 1583940359
Year 2001-01
Pages 141
Language en
Publisher Frog Books

Reiki is a Japanese hands-on method of bodywork that channels energy through seven chakras (energy centers) to attune the body to its optimal energy level. In Self-Healing Reiki, Barbara Emerson helps readers bypass the expensive—and some say elitist—process of working with a master by teaching themselves through a simple but complete set of exercises. Emerson divides the book into three areas of focus. In the first part, she introduces Reiki philosophy and techniques, showing hand positions for the unobstructed flow of energy and methods for performing a healing session on oneself and others. In the second part, she explores the spirituality in energy and healing, detailing her own system of “bare-bones Reiki” that allows the user to resist religious dogma and ideals. In the third part, she explains techniques for living as a master and transmitting the teachings, stressing the physical, emotional, and mental balance needed to perform attunements on others.


Reiki Author Pamela Miles
ISBN-10 9781440634604
Year 2008-06-19
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Penguin

An illuminating guide to one of the fastest-growing spiritual healing practices in the world and an essential tool for anyone ready to bring healing into his or her life. Perhaps the gentlest healing therapy in the world, Reiki originated in early twentieth-century Japan. In this indispensable guide to Reiki, one of the foremost experts traces the origin and development of the practice, detailing how and why it restores and renews the human body in ways we?ve only begun to understand. A pioneer in bringing Reiki into mainstream medical practice, Miles draws on her unique background to explain how this therapeutic technique, which involves a gentle laying on of the hands, complements conventional medical treatments and can hasten recovery from invasive surgical procedures, as well as ease the symptoms of cancer, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and other conditions. With compassion, wisdom, and the accumulated experience that comes from nearly twenty years as a Reiki practitioner, Pamela Miles empowers readers by showing how simple it is to take.


Reiki Author William Lee Rand
ISBN-10 PSU:000050441228
Year 1992-02-01
Pages 5
Language en
Publisher Daniel J Benor

Reiki for Beginners

Reiki for Beginners Author David Vennells
ISBN-10 9780738723938
Year 2012-11-08
Pages 336
Language en
Publisher Llewellyn Worldwide

Millions of people worldwide have already benefited from the healing practice of Reiki. With the help of this introductory Reiki book, you can learn the basic principles of this simple, yet profound system for healing and spiritual growth that works on an energetic level. Make the most of Reiki from a practical point of view as you explore its spiritual essence: Heal yourself and others physically, mentally, and emotionally Develop compassion and wisdom Heal plants and animals Resolve relationship issues at work or home Complement and strengthen other therapies Send healing energy to local or world situations such as war, natural disasters, crime, or poverty Be blessed, guided, and protected Winner of the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Award for Best Alternative Health Book

The Kundalini Reiki Manual

The Kundalini Reiki Manual Author Lisa Okochi
ISBN-10 9781491777459
Year 2015-09-17
Pages 82
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

Have you been feeling increasingly ‘off balanced’ ,lost or confused as to what you are looking for or really want in this life? Have you been aware of this sense of urgency in the air ‘ to DO’ something but feel stuck? Kundalini Reiki can ground you again to focus on balancing your Inner Wisdom to your Life’s Purpose Kundalini Reiki is NOT the same as Tradiontanl Usui Reiki but is more purer and Powerful’ This is a guide for Attuners and Clients to prepare for attunements to Higher Frequencies . Awaken your Kundalini, quickly and safely Open your Third Eye and Heart Attune Family, pets, plants, food, water and more Powerful mini meditations to help heal stress, fear, anger, anxiety Adjust your energy to Higher Frequencies Attunement steps for Gold and Ethereal Crystal Reiki Use Ethereal crystals to clear chakra blockages ; make Gem elixirs * Note: ONLY Kundalini Reiki Healers can Attune.

Understanding Reiki From Self Care to Energy Medicine

Understanding Reiki  From Self Care to Energy Medicine Author Chyna Honey
ISBN-10 9781483420141
Year 2015-09-15
Language en
Publisher Lulu Press, Inc

Understanding Reiki: From Self-Care to Energy Medicine provides information that answers long-standing questions, fills in the blanks where information is lacking, and lends correction where misinformation is accepted as part of the understanding and practice of Reiki today. It provides insights that are easy to understand and explain to others, once Reiki is returned to, and spoken about in the context of Energy Medicine. From this vantage point, the discussion expands, a deeper understanding of what affects human healing emerges, and the role Reiki plays in human health and self-care becomes clear. This comprehensive guide is of value to all humans, whether interested in alternative healthcare or not, because Reiki and Energy Medicine are not “alternative” practices. They are, in simple terms, what is missing in self-care today. This book is an enjoyable read that will engage and surprise the reader as it brings forward lost information that is essential in understanding human health.

Intuitive Reiki for Our Times

Intuitive Reiki for Our Times Author Amy Z. Rowland
ISBN-10 1594770999
Year 2006-06-02
Pages 276
Language en
Publisher Inner Traditions / Bear & Co

Focusing on self-training, a certified Usui Reiki master presents a guide to developing and using intuitive skills during Reiki sessions to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. Original.

The Everything Guide to Reiki

The Everything Guide to Reiki Author Phylameana Iila Desy
ISBN-10 1440527873
Year 2012-01-15
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher Adams Media

The Everything Guide to Reiki is a comprehensive resource for readers interested in this ancient Japanese hands-on therapy, which has been proven to reduce stress, promote healing, and enhance quality of life. Beyond learning the basics of Reiki's history, readers learn about the placing of hands, how to harness negative energy, promote a healthy immune system, and alleviate specific ailments such as chronic pain, digestive issues, infertility, and depression. Featuring a section on how to get certified and open up your own Reiki practice, The Everything Guide to Reiki is the ideal guide for readers interested in this ancient therapy.