Split Author Swati Avasthi
ISBN-10 0375895264
Year 2010-03-09
Pages 240
Language en
Publisher Knopf Books for Young Readers

A riveting portrait of life after abuse from an award-winning novelist. Sixteen-Year-Old Jace Witherspoon arrives at the doorstep of his estranged brother Christian with a re-landscaped face (courtesy of his father’s fist), $3.84, and a secret. He tries to move on, going for new friends, a new school, and a new job, but all his changes can’t make him forget what he left behind—his mother, who is still trapped with his dad, and his ex-girlfriend, who is keeping his secret. At least so far. Worst of all, Jace realizes that if he really wants to move forward, he may first have to do what scares him most: He may have to go back. Award-winning novelist Swati Avasthi has created a riveting and remarkably nuanced portrait of what happens after. After you’ve said enough, after you’ve run, after you’ve made the split—how do you begin to live again? Readers won’t be able to put this intense page-turner down. From the Hardcover edition.

How to Split the Atom

How to Split the Atom Author Hazel Richardson
ISBN-10 0199105928
Year 1999
Pages 96
Language en

Would you like to make a trip to the Moon, or build your own nuclear reactor? Have you ever wanted to travel through time? Well, here's your chance! Whether you're interested in cloning budgies or building black holes, the "How to" guides will tell you everything you need to know. Thesehands-on guides give you step-by step instructions on how to build a Moon rocket, clone a sheep, split the atom or make a time machine. And on the way to becoming a time traveller or nuclear genius, you can learn about the brilliant scientists who first made these incredible discoveries - and aboutthe slightly less brilliant scientists who didn't.In How to Get to the Moon you can learn how to become a rocket scientist and Moon-walking astronaut. Learn how astronauts first got to the Moon in 1969, and about the recent discoveries that would make setting up a Moon base much easier. Find out how to make your own space suit, how to survive onthe Moon, and how to build a working rocket powered by liquid fuel.


Split Author Lori Weber
ISBN-10 1550288784
Year 2005-06-01
Pages 152
Language en
Publisher James Lorimer & Company

When Sandra sets out to find her mother, who left her family behind with an alcoholic father, she wonders how to locate a person who does not want to be found.

High Low Split Poker Seven Card Stud and Omaha Eight Or Better for Advanced Players

High Low Split Poker  Seven Card Stud and Omaha Eight Or Better for Advanced Players Author Ray Zee
ISBN-10 1880685108
Year 1992
Pages 331
Language en
Publisher Two Plus Two Publishing LLC

The third book in the "For Advanced Players" series. It is really books 3 and 4 for two reasons. First, many of the concepts are similar for both games. Second, players mastering one game can easily make the transition to the other. Some of the ideas discussed in the seven-card stud eight-or-better section include starting hands, when an ace raises, disguising your hand on third street, play on fourth street, fifth street, sixth street, seventh street, position, bluffing, staying to the end, and scare cards. Some of the ideas discussed in the Omaha eight-or-better section include general concepts, position, low hands, high hands, your starting hand, how to play your hand, play on the flop, multiway versus short handed play, scare cards, getting counterfeited, and your playing style. A great deal of this material has never appeared in print before.

Head Off Split

Head Off   Split Author Nikky Finney
ISBN-10 9780810152168
Year 2011-01-27
Pages 97
Language en
Publisher Northwestern University Press

"Nikky Finney has been a fine poet much too long to say that this latest treasure is her promise coming into being. She exploded with so much talent with On Wings Made of Gauze and beautifully matured with Rice, yet Head Off & Split takes the promise of youth with the control of adulthood to bring her greatest exploration. Honest, searing, searching. We all, especially now, need this book of poems; we all, especially now, need this poet."---Nikki Giovanni, author of Bicycles "Beginning with the sweepingly inclusive and powerful `Red Velvet,' a Middle Passage poem for our times, Nikky Finney takes the reader to a wonderfully alive world where the musical possibilities of language overflow with surprise and innovation. Finney has an ear to go along with the wildness of her imagination, which sweeps through history like a pair of wings. Her carefully modulated free verse is always purposeful in its desire to move the reader in a way that allows us intimate access to necessary observations about ourselves. These poems, in other words, have the power to save us."---Bruce Weigl, author of What Saves Us "In Nikky Finney's Head Off & Split the beauty of language soars and saves us even as we skirt the raw edge of terror. And something rare and precious is restored, a light, a circling movement of the spirit. This is poetry to give thanks for."---Meena Alexander, author of Quickly Changing River "No one opens a vein on the page with a sharper and more nuanced gathered set of senses than Nikky Finney. In Head Off & Split, she takes aim at the heart of American wrong-headedness with a sense of purpose and integrity not only respectful of, but fueled by, her own brand of multiple kinships and remembrance, a grand struggle-swagger of powerful literary inheritance."---Thomas Sayers Ellis, author of Skin, Inc. "With Head Off & Split, Nikky Finney establishes herself as one of the most eloquent, urgent, fearless and necessary poets writing in America today. What makes this book as important as anything published in the last decade is the irresistible music, the formal dexterity and the imaginative leaps she makes with metaphor and language in these simply stunning poems. This is a very, very important achievement."---Kwame Dawes, author of Hope's Hospice

Split Possession

Split Possession Author
ISBN-10 902720568X
Year 2008
Pages 546
Language en
Publisher John Benjamins Publishing

This book is a functional-typological study of possession splits in European languages. It shows that genetically and structurally diverse languages such as Icelandic, Welsh, and Maltese display possessive systems which are sensitive to semantically based distinctions reminiscent of the alienability correlation. These distinctions are grammatically relevant in many European languages because they require dedicated constructions. What makes these split possessive systems interesting for the linguist is the interaction of semantic criteria with pragmatics and syntax. Neutralisation of distinctions occurs under focus. The same happens if one of the constituents of a possessive construction is syntactically heavy. These effects can be observed in the majority of the 50 sample languages. Possessive splits are strong in those languages which are outside the Standard Average European group. The bulk of the European languages do not behave much differently from those non-European languages for which possession splits are reported. The book reveals interesting new facts about European languages and possession to typologists, universals researchers, and areal linguists.


Split Author J.B. Salsbury
ISBN-10 9781472238627
Year 2016-11-15
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher Hachette UK

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Fighting Series, comes Split, a dark, deeply emotional story of love against the odds with a suspenseful twist, perfect for fans of Katy Evans, Jamie McGuire and Sophie Jackson. When her career takes a hit, Shyann abruptly finds herself jobless, penniless and packing for her hometown - where memories of her late mother and a reunion with her distant father await. Lucas needs a quiet life, and that's exactly what he's found in Payson, Arizona. He finally feels like he fits...and is starting to keep his mind in check. Having suffered blackouts since he was a child, Lucas knows he's not like other guys. The minute he meets his boss's strong-willed, sexy-as-sin daughter, her probing eyes and personal questions pick away at his barriers. Shyann is everything Lucas wants - and everything he should never have. When the blackouts return, the last thing he wants is to expose how dangerous he can be...

Split Decisions

Split Decisions Author Janet Halley
ISBN-10 9781400827350
Year 2008-04-01
Pages 424
Language en
Publisher Princeton University Press

Is it time to take a break from feminism? In this pathbreaking book, Janet Halley reassesses the place of feminism in the law and politics of sexuality. She argues that sexuality involves deeply contested and clashing realities and interests, and that feminism helps us understand only some of them. To see crucial dimensions of sexuality that feminism does not reveal--the interests of gays and lesbians to be sure, but also those of men, and of constituencies and values beyond the realm of sex and gender--we might need to take a break from feminism. Halley also invites feminism to abandon its uncritical relationship to its own power. Feminists are, in many areas of social and political life, partners in governance. To govern responsibly, even on behalf of women, Halley urges, feminists should try taking a break from their own presuppositions. Halley offers a genealogy of various feminisms and of gay, queer, and trans theories as they split from each other in the United States during the 1980s and 1990s. All these incommensurate theories, she argues, enrich thinking on the left not despite their break from each other but because of it. She concludes by examining legal cases to show how taking a break from feminism can change your very perceptions of what's at stake in a decision and liberate you to decide it anew.

Passionate Subjects split Subjects in Twentieth century Literature in Chile

Passionate Subjects split Subjects in Twentieth century Literature in Chile Author Bernardita Llanos M.
ISBN-10 9780838757338
Year 2009
Pages 273
Language en
Publisher Bucknell University Press

Chilean writers Marta Brunet, María Luisa Bombal, and Diamela Eltit present a female subject that resists legal imperatives, sexual contracts, and the patriarchal literary canon. From different perspectives and through different aesthetic paradigms, the narratives of these authors question modernity in Chile as a masculinist itinerary shaped by authoritarianism and Catholic ideology. Through the reexamination of the concept of passion and recovering its meaning in the Greek pathos, subjectivity is here posed as an individual's ethical tendency that expresses the subject's character. Challenging the Christian patriarchal view of passion as sin and vice and the economic definition of it as interest and calculation that modernity adds on, these texts position passion against binary Western epistemology, moral judgment, and social usefulness. Passion, understood in this way, allows the examination of three historical moments of the Catholic authoritarian Chilean modernity that this literature disputes. In all three moments, the narratives selected denounce calculation, interest, and logical rationality as the tools for the reorientation of the passions or what is the same, the suppression of contestatory claims. Gender, in these three aesthetic projects, is a form of marginalization embedded in a state authoritarian morality and law regulated by marriage and the family. In this context, female aggression and unconventional sexuality become a double threat to masculinity and to the process of modernization. These writers challenge a logocentric linguistic system through discursive strategies that organize a new narrative model, showing that motherhood and womanhood inevitably conflict in the public sphere and rights of citizenship. Throughout the literary imaginaries of the twentieth century there is a reiteration of an authoritarian patriarchal pattern that permeates the social arena as well as the female subject, revealing the contradictions of the Chilean modernity/modernization process. The nation appears invariably determined by semi-feudal and semi-modern structures as well as split female modern subjects. Noticing this has led the author to write this book and investigate specifically the ways the discourse of modernity conflicts with the marriage contract in the construction of feminine subjectivity. Marriage is one of the modern protocols that resolve sexual difference through a pact that proclaims male protection in exchange for female obedience. Subordination of difference becomes the overarching feature guiding an incomplete modernity and its attainment in a hierarchical society. By custom and law women are dependent on their fathers and husbands while in the public discourse they are offered the independence and autonomy of being modern. This irreconcilable contradiction marks female experiences and alternatives in a world that holds on to old patriarchal mores while claiming to be liberal and modern. This book will intrigue literary scholars, feminist critics, and cultural critics interested in literary and resistance movements in Chile and Latin America, and well as readers alert to critiques of capitalism and modernization.


Split Author Mel Bossa
ISBN-10 9781602825154
Year 2011-04-01
Pages 240
Language en
Publisher Bold Strokes Books Inc

Quiet and imaginative, Derek O'Reilly spends a lot of time watching a movie in his head. His fiancŽ Nathan, aka ÒMr. Alpha,Ó wonders why Derek hasn't taken any interest in their wedding planning. Aunt FranÑhis spiritual guruÑwould like to know when her guilt-tripping nephew became some kind of kept boy. One evening, she drops Derek's childhood journal on his lap, forcing him to remember the name he's been trying to forget since he was eleven years old. Nicolai Lund. Nick was Derek's neighborÑand first love. Weeks before Derek's engagement party, a chance meeting with Nick catapults Derek into the past. Nick could flood DerekÕs stale existence like a blond tidal wave, but Nick isn't that sixteen-year-old rebel anymore. He's a man hardened by invisible scars. As Derek reads through his diary, Nick and DerekÕs powerful relationship sways between past and present, sweeping over their emotional landscape, revealing what they were, still are, and might yet be to each other.

The Pope s Battalions

The Pope s Battalions Author Ross Fitzgerald
ISBN-10 0702233897
Year 2003
Pages 342
Language en
Publisher Univ. of Queensland Press

"The Pope's Battalions considers Santamaria's role and influence from the late 1930s - when he was a young Catholic Actionist in Melbourne - to his death in 1998. This prominent Cold War warrior founded the secretive National Civic Council and was the bra