Soil Physical Chemistry Second Edition

Soil Physical Chemistry  Second Edition Author Donald L. Sparks
ISBN-10 0873718836
Year 1998-07-07
Pages 432
Language en
Publisher CRC Press

Soil Physical Chemistry, Second Edition takes up where the last edition left off. With comprehensive and contemporary discussions on equilibrium and kinetic aspects of major soil chemical process and reactions this excellent text/reference presents new chapters on precipitation/dissolution, modeling of adsorption reactions at the mineral/water interface, and the chemistry of humic substances. An emphasis is placed on understanding soil chemical reactions from a microscopic point of view and rigorous theoretical developments such as the use of modern in situ surface chemical probes such as x-ray adsorption fine structure (XAFS), Fournier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopies, and scanning probe microscopies (SPM) are discussed.

Daily Warm up Exercises for Jazz Ensemble

Daily Warm  up Exercises for Jazz Ensemble Author Mike Lewis
Year 1987-02-01
Pages 52
Language en
Publisher Alfred Music Publishing

Daily Warm-Up Exercises for Jazz Ensemble was written as a series of studies to aid the jazz group in performance. It is published in two volumes, Volume I for the young or beginning ensemble, and Volume II for the more advanced group. All musical groups need a short period of time during the beginning of a rehearsal to reacquaint their body functions with the needs of making music. Even though individuals warm-up by themselves in preparation for performance, the group as a whole needs to experience basic musical qualities -- blend, balance, precision, intonation -- together to ensure good ensemble performance. Hopefully, this series will provide the jazz ensemble with materials organized in a logical manner to accomplish these goals.

Applications of Fuzzy Logic in Bioinformatics

Applications of Fuzzy Logic in Bioinformatics Author Dong Xu
ISBN-10 9781848162594
Year 2008
Pages 225
Language en
Publisher Imperial College Press

Many biological systems and objects are intrinsically fuzzy as their properties and behaviors contain randomness or uncertainty. In addition, it has been shown that exact or optimal methods have significant limitation in many bioinformatics problems. Fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic are ideal to describe some biological systems/objects and provide good tools for some bioinformatics problems. This book comprehensively addresses several important bioinformatics topics using fuzzy concepts and approaches, including measurement of ontological similarity, protein structure prediction/analysis, and microarray data analysis. It also reviews other bioinformatics applications using fuzzy techniques.

Feminist Theories and Education

Feminist Theories and Education Author Leila E. Villaverde
ISBN-10 082047147X
Year 2008
Pages 177
Language en
Publisher Peter Lang

The book concludes with a discussion of feminist pedagogy and activism, stressing the significance of analyzing pedagogy and working to create more open feminist and democratic spaces for learning."--BOOK JACKET.

The passion plan

The passion plan Author Richard Y. Chang
ISBN-10 UVA:X004255721
Year 2000
Pages 285
Language en
Publisher Jossey-Bass

We all know people who jump out of bed every morning, eager to start the day, so fulfilled by their personal and professional lives that they wouldn't change a thing. What's their secret? Passion. We all have it, but we don't all use it to its full potential. In The Passion Plan, Dr. Richard Chang presents seven simple steps to discovering the things we really care about, deciding where we want them to take us, and developing a plan to get us there. Through clear explanations, insightful self-assessments, and inspiring stories of people both ordinary and famous, Chang shows how the power of passion can reshape our lives.


Management Author Leslie W. Rue
ISBN-10 007228885X
Year 2000
Pages 469
Language en
Publisher McGraw-Hill Companies

Focusing on the skills needed to become a successful manager and their application, this text covers communication, decision making and entrepreneurship and small business. Integrating international issues throughout, it uses examples from real-world companies as well as corporate and organization references. Student-centred in its approach, this book features skill-building questions, exercises and cases.