Essays in the History of Canadian Law

Essays in the History of Canadian Law Author G. Blaine Baker
ISBN-10 9781442648159
Year 2013-10-25
Pages 608
Language en
Publisher University of Toronto Press

The essays in this volume deal with the legal history of the Province of Quebec, Upper and Lower Canada, and the Province of Canada between the British conquest of 1759 and confederation of the British North America colonies in 1867. The backbone of the modern Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec, this geographic area was unified politically for more than half of the period under consideration. As such, four of the papers are set in the geographic cradle of modern Quebec, four treat nineteenth-century Ontario, and the remaining four deal with the St. Lawrence and Great Lakes watershed as a whole. The authors come from disciplines as diverse as history, socio-legal studies, women's studies, and law. The majority make substantial use of second-language sources in their essays, which shade into intellectual history, social and family history, regulatory history, and political history.

Old Age in Nineteenth Century Ireland

Old Age in Nineteenth Century Ireland Author Chris Gilleard
ISBN-10 9781137585417
Year 2017-05-12
Language en
Publisher Springer

Using a combination of statistical analysis of census material and social history, this book describes the ageing of Ireland’s population from the start of the Union up to the introduction of the old age pension in 1908. It examines the changing demography of the country following the Famine and the impact this had on household and family structure. It explores the growing problem of late life poverty and the residualisation of the aged sick and poor in the workhouse. Despite slow improvements in many areas of life for the young and the working classes, the book argues that for the aged the union was a period of growing immiseration, brought surprisingly to an end by the unheralded introduction of the old age pension.

Irish Government Today

Irish Government Today Author John O'Toole
ISBN-10 9780717155347
Year 2009-07-24
Pages 544
Language en
Publisher Gill & Macmillan Ltd

A thoroughly revised and updated edition of this acclaimed text that reflects the extensive changes in the Irish system of government, including strategic management, parliamentary procedures and the management of EU business. An essential book for understanding the workings of Irish Government, it discusses freedom of information and new developments in information technology and reflects the significant changes that have taken place in the machinery of government in recent years. An essential book for students of Irish Studies, law, journalism, politics, public sector management and business studies. The book covers: The Government and the Taoiseach Ministers and their Departments The Dáil and the Seanad The Constitution of Ireland The President of Ireland The Civil Service The Judiciary, Courts and Legal Officers Local Government State Agencies and Bodies The Health Services Appeals The Impact of the European Union The Management of Government